When are lottery results updated on the site?

Lottery draw results are updated on the site soon after the official draw takes place. To view lottery results for over 80 worldwide lotteries, please visit the win-lottery.net page. In addition, you can sign up to receive email notification of lottery draw results in the Alerts section of your account.

How do I read the lottery results?

Please visit the Lottery Results page on our site for results of the latest draws. The page displays the regular numbers drawn in yellow numbers; bonus numbers in blue; and additional numbers (Powerballs) in red. Clicking a lottery on the list will give you additional information about the latest draw results, including payouts for each of the lottery’s prize divisions.

Does the order in which numbers are drawn matter?

The order in which the numbers are drawn does not matter. On our website, the numbers will always be displayed in draw results in ascending order.

What are jackpot alerts?

Never miss playing for a huge jackpot prize by getting FREE jackpot alerts sent directly to your email. To register, visit Alerts and select the relevant jackpot amount from the dropdown menu. To cancel the alert notification, select ‘No Jackpot Alert’ from the dropdown menu and click Save.

What are lottery results alerts?

You can receive FREE notification of lottery draw results sent directly to your email. To register, visit Alerts and use the dropdown menu to select your preferred lotteries and save your selections. You can delete your selected Results Alerts by clicking the trash can icon.

How do I sign up to receive SMS winning alerts?

To subscribe to FREE SMS winning alerts, please fill in your mobile phone number in the ‘SMS Number’ field and select SMS winning alerts in the Notifications settings and save the changes. To unsubscribe, please uncheck the box under the ‘SMS Number’ field and save the changes.

Can I get notified when my purchased ticket has been scanned?

We will be glad to notify you when the ticket you purchased has been scanned and is visible in your account. If you would like to receive a notification for every ticket scanned, you can easily do so by adjusting your Email Notification settings.