What is a multi-draw?

A Multi-Draw package is the best way to save when you purchase lottery tickets in advance! Play 5, 10, 25 or 52 consecutive draws with your lucky numbers and save up to 25% off the regular cost of participation. Multi-draw packages are available for personal entries, syndicates, and bundles.

How do I change my Multi-Draw numbers?

To change your Multi-Draw package’s numbers, please go to the Play Form of the specific lottery in question, select your new favourite numbers, and click the floppy disk icon on the right side of the My Lucky Numbers button to save them.

Make sure you’re using Lucky Numbers for your Multi-Draw package by following these steps: Go to My Account, click on Multi-Draws, go to the Multi-Draw package for which you wish to use your Lucky Numbers and make sure that “From My Lucky Numbers” is selected in the dropdown box. Click the Save button underneath if any changes were made.

Please note: Multi-Draw tickets are purchased as soon as a draw opens, therefore any changes to your numbers will only take effect the following draw.

How do I play a multi-draw when paying with Skrill?

A Multi-Draw is a package of draws that has been purchased in advance. If you select to auto-renew your Multi-Draw with Skrill as your payment method, please make sure that you have deposited sufficient funds in your account on the site in order to cover the cost of your desired participation. If you do not have sufficient funds, your Multi-Draw package will not be renewed.

Click here to deposit funds in your account.

How do I renew my multi-draw/cancel the auto-renew feature?

If you wish to automatically renew your Multi-Draw package, mark “Automatically renew this multi-draw when it expires” when you make the purchase. Alternatively, you can update this setting at any time in Multi-Draws in the auto-renew status field. You can also cancel the auto-renewal of your Multi-Draw package in its status field in your account.