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The Powerball jackpot belonged to a player on June 10, 2020. On June 03, 2020, $135 million found out the owner. This the fourth time the Powerball jackpot exploded in 2020.

The winning numbers are 10 · 33 · 41 · 52 · 54

The number on the Powerball red ball is 18

Power Play 5X

The lucky man who bought the jackpot ticket in Wisconsin won $22 million. In addition, 8 players won the third prizes. There are four players who won $50,000, two players who received $250,000 with Power Play 5X; and 2 California players got $9,852.

is the world-famous lottery released in the US. With regulations allowing foreigners to buy lottery tickets and win prizes, the Powerball lottery attracts many players worldwide to buy tickets and try their luck through vendors.

The balls of the Powerball keep rolling. The next drawing is on Saturday, June 13, 2020 with the starting jackpot worth $20 million.

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