How To Buy US Mega Millions Lottery Ticket

As we all know, PowerBall lottery is one of the very few that have the largest prize in the world. If in 2016, PowerBall reached a record with a prize of up to $ 1,586 billion, in 2018 Mega Millions lottery also recorded a huge Jackpot of up to $ 1,537 billion. It can be seen that besides PowerBall, Mega Millions lottery prizes are also in the top of the largest lottery prizes on the planet with extremely attractive prizes. If you want to try your millions dollar luck, besides PowerBall lottery, Mega Million lottery will be a great choice for you!


To start buying yourself some Mega Millions lottery tickets with millions of dollars in prizes online, the first thing you need to do is prepare yourself a Visa Debit / Mastercard bank card.

In case you do not have a Visa Debit / Mastercard or have an error when paying with a Visa Debit / Mastercard, you can use Neteller e-wallet to pay

Instructions on how to buy Mega Millions lottery tickets.

In this article, Win-Lottery.Net will guide you how to order Mega Millions lottery tickets through TheLotter – the largest and most famous lottery ticket buying service provider currently.

Step 1: Visit Mega Millions ticket booking details page on TheLotter by clicking here or clicking on the banner below:

Step 2: Choose your favorite numbers! There you will see 3 tickets asking you to choose a number. On each ticket you will choose 6 numbers (5 normal numbers and a lucky red number). You can manually select each number on each ticket or click on QUICK PICK to let the computer choose randomly for you.


After choosing the numbers for each ticket, you can continue to choose additional options such as:

  • One-Time Entry: Buy one-time tickets (default)
  • Multi-Draw: Buy multiple tickets with the tickets you have chosen.
  • Subscription: Automatically buy multiple tickets and automatically deduct money from your wallet (not recommended)

If this is your first time buying Mega Millions lottery tickets on TheLotter, you should select One-Time Entry by default and click the PLAY button to move to the next step.

Step 3: Create an account to buy tickets on TheLotter.

If you already have an account with TheLotter, please click on the “Click here” link below the “SIGN UP” button to login and move on to Step 4.

Following step 2, the service provider will ask you to enter information such as email address, password (to log in to TheLotter in the future), personal information such as Name and Address (you should Enter correctly to receive the prize when you win the grand prize):

After pressing the “SIGN UP” button, if you encounter no error, you will immediately receive a message of congratulations on successful account registration:

How To Register Account At The Most Detailed Thelotter-4

And in the next few seconds, a page of personal information appears and it is your job to provide complete and accurate information so that the buying service provider can easily contact you when you win the prize big:

personal details

Once you have sufficient information, click “NEXT” to move to Step 4.

Step 4: Choose the payment method and provide payment information.

After clicking the NEXT button at the end of Step 3, another dialog box will appear allowing you to choose the payment method that is right for you:

How to buy international lottery tickets on thelotter-7

The simplest means of payment is the Visa Debit / Mastercard as shown in the image above, but if you do not want to use the Visa Debit / Mastercard or have problems using these two types of cards, you can switch to using them. Global e-wallet Neteller or Skrill.

Option 1: Choose to pay with Visa Debit / Mastercard.

In this option, select the “VISA” icon (or Mastercard) to select your payment method: Visa Debit or Mastercard:

PowerBall lottery payment detailsThe card information box appears:

How to buy international lottery tickets on thelotter-15

Instruction to enter Visa Debit card information (similar to Mastercard):

  • In Card Holder: enter the name on your Visa Debit card. In the example showing the name is “Kevin Nguyen”.
  • In Card No: enter the card number on your Visa Debit card.
  • In Expiration Data: enter the month and year of expiration recorded on your card. For example, if the expiry month and year on your card are 6/26 (meaning June 2026) then enter 06 and 2026.
  • In CVV Number: you check on your card will have 3 CVV numbers (usually located at the bottom of the card number), you look carefully and enter those 3 numbers into this box.

After providing complete and accurate information, click SUBMIT button to skip to Step 5.

Option 2: Choose to pay with Neteller / Skrill e-wallet (See more How to create a Neteller e-wallet)

In this option, select the “Neteller” icon (or Skrill) to select the payment method of Neteller or Skrill e-wallet:

The wallet information box appears:

PowerBall lottery payment details 2

Instructions for filling out Neteller E-wallet (do the same with Skrill):

  • In the NETELLER Account or Email field: enter the NETELLER account name or the Email address for which you have registered your NETELLER e-wallet. In the example showing the email is “[email protected]”.
  • In the Secure ID: enter the 6-digit Secure ID you get when registering for Neteller e-wallet, in the example currently displaying 6 numbers is 647998.
  • The “I use the NETELLER two-step authentication feature” option is only checked when you have enabled 2-step authentication for your Neteller e-wallet.

After providing complete and accurate information, click SUBMIT button and go to Step 5.

Step 5: Confirm your ticket completion and wait for the Mega Millions lottery results.

After completing the above steps, the system will once again confirm the information about the lottery tickets you have chosen to buy. If all is correct, click on the CONFIRM button to complete your purchase:

how-to-buy-us-mega-million-lottery-ticket 1.

If there are no errors, you will immediately receive a message of thanks and the good luck of TheLotter:

At the same time, an email with full details confirming that you have ordered a ticket of Mega Millions serial numbers via TheLotter is sent to your email, proving your ownership.

You can also review your reservation information by visiting My Account:

After receiving the notification email “Scanned your ticket has been uploaded / Your Scanned Ticket Has Been Uploaded To Your Account” as above, you can go to My Account and choose to view the ticket purchase order details. Here you can download the SCAN to your phone / computer for storage.

Below is the SCAN version of the Mega Millions ticket purchased according to the instructions above.

How To Register Account At The Most Detailed Thelotter-10

So with this guide to Buy Mega Millions Lottery tickets, you can start buying yourself lucky lottery tickets with the biggest prizes on the planet right in any country in the world! With the lucky Mega Millions sequences purchased according to the instructions of, you will have a chance to win the “great” Jackpot as well as any other big and large Mega Millions prizes just like the ticket buyers. Mega Millions numbers in the US or anywhere in the world with the prize structure and winning ratio as follows:

how-to-buy-us-mega-million-lottery-ticket 4

After owning the ticket with the lucky number sequence, your remaining task is to wait and see if the god of luck knocks on your door or not? The lottery time for Mega Millions American lottery takes place every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 11pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. You don’t have to spend a lot of effort checking the lottery results because if you win any prize then TheLotter will immediately send a notification to your email address. You can also follow the latest Mega Millions lottery results right on Win-Lottery.Net by visiting Mega Millions Lottery Results. Wish you all good luck and please do not forget to share this article with your friends!