How do I transfer wins from my account to my bank?

To cash out funds from your account, please Withdraw and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.

If you encounter any problems, or have any special requests, please contact Customer Support

How long should it take for my withdrawal to reach my bank account?

Once the withdrawal request is approved, the funds may take up to 24 hours for credit cards and eWallets and up to 5 bank days for bank transfers to appear in your account. Please contact customer support if you have not received the amount within this timeframe.

Why can’t I withdraw to all payment methods?

The payment methods available for withdrawals are listed on the Banking page. You can withdraw funds with a payment method if it is currently registered in your account; if it was previously registered in your account but has not yet expired; if you have used the payment method to deposit funds; and if you’ve deposited more than you have withdrawn with the payment method.

You will be able to withdraw by bank transfer after you have been credited with a big win or if you are not able to withdraw with your existing payment methods.

Why is my withdrawal request pending?

All withdrawals must be approved by Accounting. Your request will be processed within 24 hours – then the withdrawal will either be approved or our customer support team will contact you with further inquiries.

Why is my withdrawal request refused?

If your withdrawal request is refused, you will receive an email with an explanation from customer support. The most likely reasons are that you have tried to withdraw to a different payment method than you used for deposit or that you have requested to withdraw an amount bigger than what is allowed. (You can only withdraw an amount that is less than or equal to the amount originally deposited with that payment method. The rest of your withdrawal should be done with a bank transfer). If you’re requesting a withdrawal via bank transfer, please check that the bank transfer details given are correct, as incorrect details will also lead to a refusal.

Why does my account need to be verified before my withdrawal is approved?

In certain cases you may be asked to verify your identity before we process your withdrawal request. This could be for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Our regulatory obligation to perform due diligence on our clients.
  • Our risk management procedures.
  • Your withdrawal request was made via a bank transfer.
  • The amount of your requested withdrawal.

Please follow the instructions sent to you by email to start the verification process.